Biodegradable hotel amenities collection. 

All bottles are made with New ECO bottle - in vegetable plastic (Corn Straw) 70% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

We are always looking for the right new product for you and the planet. Circular economy, biodegradability, sustainability and low environmental impact are the keywords. Vegetable plastic (Corn Straw) is the "Green answer" to traditional plastic. The use of products and elements of natural origin represent the industrial choice of the future. The safeguard of the planet and of future generations will be the target and the landmark for all of us.

Wheat proteins constitute a unique moisturizing complex, able to penetrate deeply into the skin structures oering the right water balance to the skin and giving a silky and elastic touch. These proteins also bring strength, volume and brightness to the hair, creating a kind of barrier and restructuring the damaged hair

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Saponetta rotonda alle proteine del grano.
da 20g in astuccio di cartone

Saponetta rotonda alle...

Bagnoschiuma in flacone 30ml biodegradabile per hotel – 228PZ

Bagnoschiuma in flacone...

Crema corpo in flacone biodegradabile 20ml per hotel – 228PZ

Crema corpo in flacone...

Bagnoschiuma in flacone 30ml biodegradabile per hotel – 228PZ

Shampoo in flacone 30ml...

Balsamo in flacone biodegradabile per hotel – 228PZ

Balsamo in flacone...